Saturday, February 21, 2004


First! Apologies!
Blogging seems to have become a thing of the past, pretty much for one reason only - EVE Online.
I was first told about this game by Maffy, and in my previous post you will see I had a trial version. This trial morphed into a full on buy, register, become a hermit scenario.
I play literally every moment I am at my computer and I do little else except check my mail. I am actually here with a complete feeling of emptiness. I played till Aaargh o'clock this morning, woke had brekkie and was going to log on. UNTIL!!! I had totally forgotten that they update their server every day between 11am and midday. I actually took some time to look out the window today. I saw a person!!

Obviously I am exaggerating this, but trust me, only a bit.

Other news? well! Cup tie derby match last week. United were the victors, much to my joy. There were some tense moments, paticularly when "model professional" Gary Neville decided to head butt Steve MacManaman (Do do do do do!). 10 men down, nice and early! To releive the tension however (aside from gettin pissed) I watched the match on Sky Fanzone, where the commentary is done by supporters of each side. Fuckin hilarious. Its like watchin superb football, crafty twists n turns. But with a Sunday league feel. E.g.: - GET RID!!! HIT 'IM!!! EEEEOOOOOR!!!

I was doing something very special on Valentines day. Out on the lash with the lads. Well we figured that all the laydeez out that night would HAVE to be single.
Started talking randomly in French to passers by. Got abused by a security guard as I was knocking on windows of the student nurse digs ;)

Just had the most hectic week at work, for absolutely ages. we are busy anyway, but we have had sickness and holidays, so I also cover other peoples work.
Glad its the weekend!

Off out tonight for Tasha's birthday. I used to work with Tash a couple of years back in the good old days where all we did was skive, drink coffee and chat all day.

Back to footie tomorrow after a break for a week (knowing I was going to be in no condition to get up early). Don't think I will play, as I'm sufferiung from shin splints. If the ground is really soft. I may offer myself up for a subs appearance, but I don't like the idea of doing much, if any running, as it is way too painful.

And on another footballing note. After last weeks match vs City, we are playing at Old Trafford today to 'dirty, dirty' Leeds. Possibly another early Saturday drinking session.

Cy'all soon!!!

Friday, February 06, 2004


Well, as I'm sure you're all aware, I haven't left a blog in a while so time for a quick update.

Went to see Gonga at the Joiners Arms. Forgot how good a small, local venue it was. Sound wasn't fantastic (not the best first listen for Matt I'm sure) but the band still rock....HARD! Loads and loads and loads and loads (you get the picture) of overdrive. Possibly through a fuzzbox and nuclear generator? Note: - FUCKIN WICKED DRUMMER!!!! Suitably impressed by support band Hooker. A little reminiscent of Blind Melon.

Ferndown Forest got back to winning ways, with a fantastic team performance. Then got into old habits by losing the following week. We did however, feel slightly hard done by, as we didn't really deserve to lose. It was a pretty tight match.
Don't tell my manager but the shin splints are causing pain again (you aint seen me! RIGHT!).

Man United to play Man City (spit on you) in the next round of the FA Cup. WOOHOO! Local derby AND a cup tie. Dreams are made of this.
New signing Saha looks a bit handy too (though slightly fortunate debut goal. All hail the bonce of Kevin Phillips!).

Just started playing a trial version of EVE Online. For anyone old enough, it's Elite with spangles, and of course, online. I feel that my next month will be consumed and I will forget what people, the sky, the world in general will look like.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Just a quick note to say that commenting has resumed. You can once again leave merriment, doom, disrespect and swear words.

New commenting by Haloscan (over in the links). Blogspeak! RIP! Gawd bless ya Harry!


Tonight, Matt, Andy and myself are off to see a band called Gonga.
This, as far as I'm concerned is gonna be fuckin amazin. It's at the Joiners Arms in Southampton, which is one of the tiniest venues you could ever visit. Currently stuck in my CD player and by far my favourite new band (as far as my musical knowledge goes), and I'm just hoping they have all sorts of vinyl goodies for me to swipe.


Friday, January 09, 2004


Like women....
Or stuff, obviously.

I have tried this and actually got some half decent ringtones. It supposedly cost only the price of a text message (and the time you're on WAP downloading), but confirmation is still to arrive with my phone bill.
Will keep you updated.

Click Here for free ringtones, free logos, and free polyphonics from CBFMobile.com

Had the bill. No nasty surprises.

Thursday, December 11, 2003


Please, please, please could anyone fix it for me to see the ikea advert that involves the dulcit tones of The Darkness singer Justin Hawkins. If anyone could give me a URL to go to, that would be great.
I did however, during my search so far, come across this ikea ad, which made me chuckle.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003


This is just a quick blast at Maffy. He's dissin' my clothes now (see his review of The Darkness gig).
It does help if you read his first, come back after you've read it.

It's not tatty and it's not old. Its class on a level that many people find too elevated to understand, for whatever reason, be it style, intelligence, snobbery, even spirituality.
THAT top is not woven with cotton.
THAT top is woven with memories, the blood, sweat and tears of a lifetime of musical joy AND cotton (just about). And if I did cry upon it's return, I would have stood there and taken any humiliation that could have come my way. Besides, I was on a plateau created by drugs and booze fuelled fun, so ner ner!

Friday, December 05, 2003


Well! What can be said? We all know who The Darkness are by now. You know! Spandex wearing stadium style rockers who should follow in the mighty musical footsteps of Sir Cliff Richard by being our Xmas No. 1.
For those that know what I was up to, it was outstanding and I hope you're jealous! For those that don't I went to see them at my local venue last night with Andy and Matt.
P.S. I hope you're jealous too!
I can't remember much about the set list order, but it was just a fantastic night out. All I remember was them ending with Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End) with a shower of silver glitter. This followed many cool tracks, along with singed eyebrows, but that's what you get if you stand at the front of a gig that uses pyrotechnics.
I'm just really glad that I remember the gig because I was half cut before leaving the house, dropped my last diazepam and drank 4 beers and 5 vodkas before the gig even started (normally on diazepam, 2 cans of beer fucks me up! Nuff said).
But it was all worthwhile. The waiting was the hardest part. We've known that we were going since we came back from the Reading festival in August.
I might add to this later, but right now. I have to go and drink a shit load more water, and possibly stomach a fry up or bacon sarnie.

C y'all

'N' keep rocking!

P.S. I'm back after a long sabatical as you may well now be aware!

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